Palanca Flute d'amore

Instrument: Flute d’Amore in Bb with 3 added keys, boxwood with brass keys and a fancy antique box

Maker: Carlo Palanca, Turino

Pitch: A=418

SL: 700mm

Notes:This is one of two flute d’amore known from the maker Palanca. The other is quite different - in B at A=440 and with ivory rings. This is quite a big flute and it plays quite well. One interesting feature is the keys which were surely added in the early 19thC. The D# key must also have been replaced at that time so that all the keys would be of the same material and design. The condition is excellent with one old pinned crack in the LH joint. The case is very beautiful and maybe dates from when the keys were added. I think that the flute would have been wrapped in fabric when stored in the case. The flute came to me from the Lyon area of France. 

Restorer: Jon Cornia

Demonstration Video:

Palanca d'amour rest 7
Palanca d'amour rest 2
Palanca d'amour rest 3
Palanca d'amour rest 4
Palanca d'amour rest 5
Palanca d'amour rest 6
Palanca d'amour 4

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