Monzani, London 9-key Ivory

Instrument: Monzani #2099 - made in 1822. Fine 9-key C flute, ivory with silver rings and keys, in original case.

Maker: Monazni & Co, 28 Regent Stt, Piccadilly, London

Pitch: A=435 - A=440

Sounding Length: 595mm

Total Length:

Embouchure size: small

Restorer: Jon Cornia

Notes:  This flute came to me as a pair in an original case (probably from Monzani) paired with an crystal 8-key flute by Laurent. It is compelling to imagine that Monzani may have made the ivory flute to pair with the Laurent and the flutes will work when played together.

Demonstration Recording:

Monzani ivory 2.jpg
Monzani ivory 2.jpg
Monzani ivory 3.jpg
Monzani ivory 4.jpg
Monzani ivory 5.jpg
Monzani ivory 6.jpg
Monzani ivory 7.jpg
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Monzani ivory 9.jpg
Monzani ivory 10.jpg
Monzani and Laurent

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