Noé Freres 1-key II

Berbigieur Solo 2 mvt 2 - Allegro poco assai e con gusto

Berbigieur Solo 3 Mvt 1 - Allegretto

Berbigieur Solo 1 mvt 2 - Romanza - Adagio

Noe Freres, Paris c. 1815– 1-key flute in Ebony with ivory rings. Very good condition. . Plays wonderfully with excellent cross fingerings as with my other 1-key by the same maker. This one was originally supplied with a later replacement key. I had a new key constructed match that of my other Noe 1-key by Mathew Slauson. The key of of the type with a hinged pad (à bascule). The flute differs from my other example in that it has a tuning slide instead of multiple corps-de-rechange. The later photographs are of my two Noé Freres flutes together.

Noe Freres 1-key II restored 1.jpg

Noe Freres 1-key II restored 2.jpg
Noe Freres 1-key II restored 6.jpg

with the replacement key as originally supplied

new key on top, original below

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