Carlo Palanca, c. 1765 Turino, Italy – One of the finest extant examples of Italian 18th Century flute making. Ebony with ivory rings, brass tuning slide, and silver key. This flute is the only Palanca flute known with an original tuning slide (Quantz/Kirst style). Fully restored in superb playing condition. The only things not original on this flute are 1 replacement ivory ring, and the endcap. The brass tube is new and the original tube is included in the sale. This extremely rare flute also has one of the most superbly engraved silver keys seen anywhere. This flute would hold an honored place in any musical instrument museum in the world. The Palanca model is the most reproduced old flute in the world today and this is one of the finest original examples. There are less than 25 original Palanca flutes know today. Embouchure 9.8mm x 8.5mm

Sound samples PALANCA

Restored by Boaz Berney. A=414 – A=425, (currently sold)

flute 282
flute 285
flute 292
flute 295

Palanca 1

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