Drouet wood restoration

Instrument: 8-key flute in cocus wood?, with ornamental silver rings and keys, silver lip plate, original case, serial #63,

Maker: Drouet, Louis - London

Pitch: A=440 - 446

Restoration: Mark Leone 

Many thanks to Mark Leone for his amaizing work on this flute and the photos on this page.

Drouet restoredIMG 7490

This is the flute in its restored state.

The inside of the C hole is completely goneand had to be rebuilt.

Drouet restorationIMG-2177
Drouet restorationIMG-2176
Drouet restorationIMG-2179
Drouet restorationIMG-2180
Drouet restorationIMG-2185
Drouet restorationIMG-1881
Drouet restorationIMG-1954
Drouet restorationIMG-2011 copy
Drouet restorationIMG-1992 copy
Drouet restorationIMG-2418
Drouet restorationIMG-1881
Drouet restorationIMG-1882
Drouet restorationIMG-1954

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