Firth Son & Co 6-key

Instrument: 6-key D flute, coccus, ivory rings, and a silver keys

Maker: Firth Son & Co., New York. 1863 - 1867

Pitch: A=440 (as pictured. Below)

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Notes: One of the nicest classic American designs. Repaired cracks. This flute has quite a large round embouchure. It certainly appears to be fully original. This flute plays very well with a full sound.

Restoration: Kelly Nivison

Demonstration recordings:

Firth Son & Co 6-keyDSC 8885
Firth Son & Co 6-keyDSC 8886
Firth Son & Co 6-keyDSC 8887
Firth Son & Co 6-keyDSC 8888
Firth Son & Co 6-keyDSC 8889

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