Berthold & Sohne 11-key

Instrument: 11-key flute, ebony with German silver rings and keys - original case (c.1900)

Maker: Berthold & Sohne, Speyer (1883-1937) 

Pitch: 440 (very slightly pulled out)

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size: round, large

Restorer: ? it must have been in quite good condition to start with - new pads and corks

Notes: This is a very nice flute in excellent condition. I guess it would fall into the general category of “nach Meyer” but it has the feel of a really finely constructed flute by makers who had their own specific ideas. The keywork is well above average and the embouchure is somewhat unusual in that it is fairly large but very round. It plays quite nice with a very solid sound. With original case, quite worn on the outside but good on the inside

Demonstration recordings:

Berthold & Sohne 2.jpg
Berthold & Sohne 5.jpg
Berthold & Sohne 6.jpg
Berthold & Sohne 8.jpg


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