François Noblet

Adagio from Erholungen by Wilhelm Klingenbrunner (Vienna)

LePlus - Melodié #1

Alla Pollaca from Erholungen by Wilhelm Klingenbrunner (Vienna)

LePlus - Melodié, Largo  #3

François Noblet, Paris (La Couture) – 1-key flute in boxwood with horn rings. 5 corps de rechange. Superb condition with some warping. Probably c. 1815-1825. Excellent playing flute, completely original. With custom-built modern wooden case and restoration by Kelly Roudabush.  (does not include the various small containers - which are missing as of last years NFA convention) It is has a wide range of useful pitches. For me the joints are A=427, 429, 432, 437, 440. Basically this means one can play at the useful pitches of 430, 435, and 440. A very sweet, refined flute.

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