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NOTE: this is not up to date. This top list is of my current collection. Please scroll down to see the listing of flutes sold and modern copies of flutes and recorders.


Adler, Germany - 6-key

Albert, Eugene, Brussels - metal Boehm

Anon - French metal simple system, Early French Flageolet, French wood cylindrical Boehm, 1-key American F flute, American 8-key, fifes, 6-key American flute marker L. Lot, 1-key English, German 13-key, German 5-key F flute, German 6-key

Baumann, Paris - 4-key

Berthold & Sohne, Speyer - 11-key

Buffet Auger, Paris - 5-key

Buffet Crampon, Paris - 10-key, Buffet Crampon & Cie - 10 Key, 5-key, 6-key piccolo, conical BoehmBuffet Crampon & Cie - Conical Boehm

Buffet, August, Paris - wooden conical Boehm Buffet/Coche model

Buffet, D., Paris - 4-key

Bühner & Keller, Strasbourg - 1-key (3 corps de rechange)

Chaplain, Paris - conical Boehm

Clementi & Co, London - 4-key

Couesnon &  Cie, Paris - metal Boehm (ring-key)

Crone, Leipzig - 1-key

D’Almaine & Co. / Late / Goulding & D’Almaine, London - 1-key F flute, 8-key

Drouet, Kouis, London/Paris - 8-key

Firth, Hall & Pond, NY - 1-key

Geib, John Jr. NY - 4-key

Godfroy, Fils, Paris - 1-key F flute

Godfroy, Claire ainé, Paris - 5-key, 6-key, 5-key, conical Boehm

Hall, William & Sons, NY - 4-key

Haynes, J.C., NY - wooden cylindrical Boehm

Helwert, Friedrich Willhelm, Heidelberg - 6-key

Herouard, Paris - 1-key, 4-key

Holtzapffel, Paris - 4-key, 6-key

Julliot, Djalma, Paris - cylindrical Boehm, cylindrical Boehm (Borne/Mignolet)

Koch, Stefan, Vienna - 8-key

Koch, Stefan Jr., Vienna - 11-key

Laubé, La Couture-Boussey - metal Boehm

Lefèvre, Paris - wooden cylindrical Boehm

Leff, Jack - cylindrical Boehm

London Improved - b-flat 6-key band flute

Lot, Louis - conical Boehm

Meacham, John. Jr. Albany, NY - 1-key

Meen, Hanau - 6-key

Milhouse, W. London - 7-key, 1-key

Moennig, Germany - 4-key F flute

Monazni & Co, London - 8-key ivory 

Noblet, François, Paris - 1-key (5 corps de rechange)

Noe Frères, Paris - 1-key, 1-key, 1+1-key, 6-key, 8-key

Peloubet, Chabrier, NY - 1-key F flute, 8-key

Prudent, Thierriot, Paris - 1-key -w- 3 middle joints

Raver, Bordeaux - 5-key flute and matching pic

Riley, Edward, NY - 1-key F flute & 1-key pic, 11-key

Sears, US - 6-key pic

Stansby Junior, London (labeled as such) - 1-key pic

Suatermeister, François Antoine, Lyon - 5-key

Tabard, Jean Baptiste, Lyon - 6-key

Thibouville, Eugene, Paris - e-flat pic wooden Boehm

Thibouville Frère, Paris - 1-key

Thibouville, Jermone, Paris - Flûte Perfectionée, conical Boehm

Guilliame Triebert, Paris - 1-key

Jean-Louis Tulou, Paris - 7-key, 6-key pic

Whiteley, Utica, NY - 4-key

Widmann, Freiburg - 4/6-key

Wrede, H., London - 1-key

Ziegler, Vienna - 10-key, 11-key

Zencker, C.G., Adorf - 4-8 key


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Makers Index of Sold Flutes & Recorders

Anon - 6-key pic, F flute, English 4-key, Bass Band Flute in b-flat, German 5-key

Barfoot, C.S. (London) - 4-key

Buffet Crampon, Paris - 6-key

Bürger, J. M - Strassburg - conical Boehm

Cameron, Rod, CA - 8-key/1-key H. Grenser copy

Cloos, NY - 8-key

Conn, IN - metal Boehm (Wonderflute)

Dolmetsch - Bass Recorder

Firth, Son & Co., New York - 6-key

Gaubert, Lille - 5-key

Glatt, Andreas, Belgium - copy of Hotteterre

Goulding, London - 1-key

Goulding & Co, London - 4-key

Goulding D’Almaine and Co, London - 4-key

Hall, William, NY - 6-key

Helwert, Jacob David Helwert. Stuttgart - 11-key

Husson-Buthod Thibouville, Paris - 5-key

Julliot, Djalma, Paris - Metal Boehm

“Klingson” Hammerschmidt, Germany - 8-key

Kohlert Sons, Graslitz - 8-key

Kneer, Max, München - 6-key

Koch, Stefan, Vienna - 9-key

Kusder, Henry, London - 1-key F flute

Laube, Paris - 10-key

Lot, Louis, Paris - silver Boehm

Maison Souchette, Anger - 5-key

Meyer, H.F., Hannover - 11-key

Mollenhauer, Germany - Morgan Edition Denner alto recorder

Mönnig, Leipzig - wooden cylindrical Boehm

Monzani, London - 8-key

Nach Meyer - 11-key

Netsch, Rudi, Germany - copy of Heitz alto recorder

Palanca, Carlo, Turino - 1-key

Peloubet, C., NY - 1-key F flute, 8-key

Potter, HY, NY - 5-key F flute

Potter, William, London - 6-key

Proser, London - 1-key

Rittershausen, Berlin/Carl Fischer, NY - wooden cylindrical Boehm

Rudall, Key, London - b-flat band flute

Thibouville, Jerome, Paris - 5-key

Von Huene, Boston - Denner Alto Recorder


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