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This top list is of my current collection. Please scroll down to see the listing of flutes sold and modern copies of flutes and recorders.


Adler, Germany - 6-key

Albert, Eugene, Brussels - metal Boehm

Anon - French metal simple system, Early French Flageolet, French wood cylindrical Boehm, 1-key American F flute, American 8-key, fifes, 6-key American flute marker L. Lot, 1-key English, German 13-key, German 5-key F flute, German 6-key

Baumann, Paris - 4-key

Berthold & Sohne, Speyer - 11-key

Buffet Auger, Paris - 5-key

Buffet Crampon, Paris - 10-key, Buffet Crampon & Cie - 10 Key, 5-key, 6-key piccolo, conical BoehmBuffet Crampon & Cie - Conical Boehm

Buffet, August, Paris - wooden conical Boehm Buffet/Coche model

Buffet, D., Paris - 4-key

Bühner & Keller, Strasbourg - 1-key (3 corps de rechange)

Chaplain, Paris - conical Boehm

Clementi & Co, London - 4-key

Couesnon &  Cie, Paris - metal Boehm (ring-key)

Crone, Leipzig - 1-key

D’Almaine & Co. / Late / Goulding & D’Almaine, London - 1-key F flute, 8-key

Drouet, Kouis, London/Paris - 8-key

Firth, Hall & Pond, NY - 1-key

Geib, John Jr. NY - 4-key

Godfroy, Fils, Paris - 1-key F flute

Godfroy, Claire ainé, Paris - 5-key, 6-key, 5-key, conical Boehm

Hall, William & Sons, NY - 4-key

Haynes, J.C., NY - wooden cylindrical Boehm

Helwert, Friedrich Willhelm, Heidelberg - 6-key

Herouard, Paris - 1-key, 4-key

Holtzapffel, Paris - 4-key, 6-key

Julliot, Djalma, Paris - cylindrical Boehm, cylindrical Boehm (Borne/Mignolet)

Koch, Stefan, Vienna - 8-key

Koch, Stefan Jr., Vienna - 11-key

Laubé, La Couture-Boussey - metal Boehm

Lefèvre, Paris - wooden cylindrical Boehm

Leff, Jack - cylindrical Boehm

London Improved - b-flat 6-key band flute

Lot, Louis - conical Boehm

Meacham, John. Jr. Albany, NY - 1-key

Meen, Hanau - 6-key

Milhouse, W. London - 7-key, 1-key

Moennig, Germany - 4-key F flute

Monazni & Co, London - 8-key ivory 

Noblet, François, Paris - 1-key (5 corps de rechange)

Noe Frères, Paris - 1-key, 1-key, 1+1-key, 6-key, 8-key

Peloubet, Chabrier, NY - 1-key F flute, 8-key

Prudent, Thierriot, Paris - 1-key -w- 3 middle joints

Raver, Bordeaux - 5-key flute and matching pic

Riley, Edward, NY - 1-key F flute & 1-key pic, 11-key

Sears, US - 6-key pic

Stansby Junior, London (labeled as such) - 1-key pic

Suatermeister, François Antoine, Lyon - 5-key

Tabard, Jean Baptiste, Lyon - 6-key

Thibouville, Eugene, Paris - e-flat pic wooden Boehm

Thibouville Frère, Paris - 1-key

Thibouville, Jermone, Paris - Flûte Perfectionée, conical Boehm

Guilliame Triebert, Paris - 1-key

Jean-Louis Tulou, Paris - 7-key, 6-key pic

Whiteley, Utica, NY - 4-key

Widmann, Freiburg - 4/6-key

Wrede, H., London - 1-key

Ziegler, Vienna - 10-key, 11-key

Zencker, C.G., Adorf - 4-8 key


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Makers Index of Sold Flutes & Recorders

Anon - 6-key pic, F flute, English 4-key, Bass Band Flute in b-flat, German 5-key

Barfoot, C.S. (London) - 4-key

Buffet Crampon, Paris - 6-key

Bürger, J. M - Strassburg - conical Boehm

Cameron, Rod, CA - 8-key/1-key H. Grenser copy

Cloos, NY - 8-key

Conn, IN - metal Boehm (Wonderflute)

Dolmetsch - Bass Recorder

Firth, Son & Co., New York - 6-key

Gaubert, Lille - 5-key

Glatt, Andreas, Belgium - copy of Hotteterre

Goulding, London - 1-key

Goulding & Co, London - 4-key

Goulding D’Almaine and Co, London - 4-key

Hall, William, NY - 6-key

Helwert, Jacob David Helwert. Stuttgart - 11-key

Husson-Buthod Thibouville, Paris - 5-key

Julliot, Djalma, Paris - Metal Boehm

“Klingson” Hammerschmidt, Germany - 8-key

Kohlert Sons, Graslitz - 8-key

Kneer, Max, München - 6-key

Koch, Stefan, Vienna - 9-key

Kusder, Henry, London - 1-key F flute

Laube, Paris - 10-key

Lot, Louis, Paris - silver Boehm

Maison Souchette, Anger - 5-key

Meyer, H.F., Hannover - 11-key

Mollenhauer, Germany - Morgan Edition Denner alto recorder

Mönnig, Leipzig - wooden cylindrical Boehm

Monzani, London - 8-key

Nach Meyer - 11-key

Netsch, Rudi, Germany - copy of Heitz alto recorder

Palanca, Carlo, Turino - 1-key

Peloubet, C., NY - 1-key F flute, 8-key

Potter, HY, NY - 5-key F flute

Potter, William, London - 6-key

Proser, London - 1-key

Rittershausen, Berlin/Carl Fischer, NY - wooden cylindrical Boehm

Rudall, Key, London - b-flat band flute

Thibouville, Jerome, Paris - 5-key

Von Huene, Boston - Denner Alto Recorder


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