Chaplain - conical Boehm

Conical Boehm system flute by Chaplain, Paris. Probably made around 1890. The French conical Boehm flute began just around 1837 and remained an important flute model into the start of the 20th Century. It existed along side of the "Cylinder Flute of Boehm," and the continued development of the Simple System flute. This is a very fine example featuring a “modern G#,” a delicate Briccialdi b/b-flat.  Pitch is c. A=440 or slightly above (I think it will play at 440 pulled out slightly)

Chaplain was a very highly regarded Paris maker who often won top awards at the big exhibitions. 

Click link below for Demo:

Chapelain 1.jpg
Chapelain 2.jpg
Chapelain 3.jpg
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Chapelain 5.jpg
Chapelain 6.jpg

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