Ziegler 15-key


Instrument: 15-key flute, ebony with Silver? Keys, Bb foot, ebonite tenon reinforcement (these are not repairs) - original case, cloisonné ends, but not much left of the colored material,  circa 1850

Maker: Ziegler, Vienna (1821 - 1895)

Pitch: 430-446

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: as received

Notes: former Collection of Helen Valenza. The keys on this flute are the normal 8 keys - Bb, C, G#, short F, long F, D#, C#. low C, plus extra keys for L2 C key, high e to d trill, RH Bb, thumb G#, Lthumb D#!, low B, low Bb.

DSC 65911 Ziegler 15-key
DSC 65880 Ziegler 15-key
DSC 65935 Ziegler 15-key
DSC 65962 Ziegler 15-key
DSC 65973 Ziegler 15-key
DSC 66001 Ziegler 15-key
DSC 66049 Ziegler 15-key

DSC 65900 Ziegler 15-key
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