Sears - German 6-key Piccolo

Instrument: 6-key Piccolo in D, head ebonite?, body cocus with German silver keys 

Maker: Sears & Roebuck & Co - the mark on the head is SUPERTONE (a trademark of Sears.) The stamp on the body has a fancy Lyre symbol / S / Made in Germany / C/ L.P.

Pitch: A=440 slightly pulled out

Sounding Length: 315mm

Total Length: 272mm

Embouchure size

Restorer: good playing condition - not yet restored

Notes: This was a surprising instrument to me. Most piccolos that come my way are usually very poor playing instruments at a pitch or key that is not particularly useful. This plays quite nicely with an excellent embouchure and a good, sweet sound. I have suggested previously that most American import instruments marked LP are basically at A=440, LP being mainly to differentiate from HP (band pitch instruments). The material the head is made of looks very black and shiny and I don’t see grain - I’m supposing it is Ebonite. Whatever it is, it works very well and is in great shape. It also has a wonderful little case which, again contrary to the norm, is in excellent condition. 

Demonstration recordings:

German 6-key pic 1.jpg
German 6-key pic 3.jpg
German 6-key pic 4.jpg
German 6-key pic 5.jpg
German 6-key pic 6.jpg


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